Law Select, LLC has its roots in the need to navigate the legal, logistical, and marketing challenges of our own start-up. Law Select, LLC advises start-up companies on how best to integrate marketing imperatives and the requirements of legal growth models. It is our belief that sustainable, and sometimes startling, growth is best achieved when legal, logistical, and marketing solutions are considered in tandem, early in the life of a start-up.

As lawyers and law professors who subsequently moved into business, we seek to pair our own start-up experience with our research expertise as law professors, and, in the case of Dr. Barnes, her practice experience as an attorney.


We explain the need for Law Select in this way:

In the early stages of a start-up, entrepreneurs face potentially course-altering legal decisions. It is often at this stage, however, that the resources to engage legal counsel are most scarce. Law Select aims to enable entrepreneurs to ‘get a handle’ on these early legal pressure points, owning these legal decisions—from employment law to trademark to data management—and optimizing their marketing impact.

Far too often, successful start-ups begin asking legal questions about legal form and organizational process only at the point when they start to think about expansion – at which time entrepreneurs start to retrofit business elements, and seek to establish best practice processes on the fly. As often, even when resources are available for outside opinions, marketing firms and legal counsel speak in separate languages and have dueling interests.


To fill this need, Law Select performs two key roles:

The first is that of an information provider and legal consultant for the myriad legal aspects of early business growth.

We know from our own experience that entrepreneurs must – simultaneously –  have a handle on employment law, commercial contracts, trademark & copyright, not to mention business formation requirements, tax law, and so on. We at Law Select seek to pass on our own start-up experience, and our research expertise as law professors and law practice, to not only ensure you have the legal protection you need – against costly partner buyouts, trademark infringement cases, bogus employment law claims, and so on, but also that you make legal choices that don’t put a drag on your growth options. None of these legal choices is made in a vacuum. Each can significantly enhance or limit options as you build a business plan. For this, you need a broad view on the challenges you face, and access to the breadth of resources you require.

Secondly, Law Select offers in depth expertise in two key – and underleveraged – aspects of business growth.

Comparing Legal Growth Models – There is a host of legal means by which you can structure your start-up as you begin to expand, including franchising, licensing agreements, cooperatives, and many permutations thereof. Law Select is committed to an in depth understanding of these legal forms – and their impact on your marketing potential.

Data & Analytics – It is never too soon to begin thinking about how you can gather data and make it work for you. Tracking and analyzing data in a cost-effective manner, however, is another question entirely. Law Select is committed to innovate advice on how to make data work for you.  


A Personal Note

The idea for Law Select started organically. Within a year of launching our own start-up, Dr. Barnes and Mr. Andrew were asked by friends and family to advise them in a variety of business pursuits. This quickly expanded to inquiries from friends of friends, who were equally intimidated not only by the process of starting and running a small business, but also by the prospect of finding help. We quickly realized that through our own business experience, with our backgrounds in law, and with our teaching and research proficiency acquired during our tenure in legal academia, we have a wealth of practical, relevant, but most importantly, accessible expertise.

Something of a full circle was reached in 2017-2018 when Dr. Barnes and Mr. Andrew taught aspects of start-up law to the Veteran’s Entrepreneurship Program at University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business, and were subsequently asked to teach a similar (full) course at University of Florida’s Levin College of Law.